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Alphatech CSS is not affiliated with any of the EHR vendors listed above. Cerner Millennium and all other vendors are trademark to their respective companies except Alphatech CSS.

Improving systems functionalities is a drive towards operational efficiencies. Alphatech CSS team of experts will assist your organization in improving the usability of the range of applications for clinicians. 

We have the experience and strategies, tools and methodologies that are effective catalysts to accelerate your health systems in other to realize your investments. Alphatech CSS will assist your organization in system code upgrades, optimization and maximize your usability.

Your EMR technology requires a quarterly health-check to maintain maximum satisfaction. 

We follow a pro-active approach through the following questions.

  • Are your desired outcomes defined and measured?

  • Have you assessed current workflows and identified the workflows that may need to be redesigned?

  • Are the end-users aware of knowledge base resources for continuous training and engagement?


2 Weeks


4-7 Weeks


In/Out Scope


In/Out Scope