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Alphatech CSS is not affiliated with any of the EHR vendors listed above. Cerner Millennium and all other vendors are trademark to their respective companies except Alphatech CSS.

Project management

Every organization is in the race of owning their version of recognizable and iconic projects that will add value to their organization, develop her personnel and improve its community.

At AlphaTech CSS, we have an experienced team dedicated to providing solutions that help our clients to be knowledgeable at initiating, planning, executing projects and balancing the layers associated with each task to attain an enviably successful end.  

We understand that our clients need competent hands to engage stakeholders at every level and also effectively lead a team. AlphaTech CSS as a technology consulting company has several strategic tools to assist with many projects including Physician Transformation.


Our goal is to ensure that your goals are met and in the process establish a true collaboration with every professional involved.

Strategic advisory services

It is always easy to spot out developments that have poor strategic planning measures. There is always something missing no matter their decorum and delivery. AlphaTech CSS believes that strategic planning is essential to the wellbeing of an organization. It is what is responsible for the realization of the organization’s goals of the having the best user experience for patients and doctors, hence our Strategic advisory services.

Our team is trained to give our clients customized strategic initiatives support. We have an archive of data and insights like facilitating one on one or team strategy sessions and strategic planning processes that cut across the entire organization of our client. This will unavoidably position our client on the part of exponential growth and increasing the value of their healthcare delivery and users' experience


We understand the importance of being abreast and up-to-date with the emerging skills and innovations that arise every day in the healthcare industry. This has proven to be the distinguishing features that promote patronage. We help our clients access the necessary training specifications and goals that help them level-up and stay current by creating in-house training schedules on particular subject areas like; basic fire training, basic first aid, basic food hygiene, Challenging behaviours.