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Alphatech CSS is not affiliated with any of the EHR vendors listed above. Cerner Millennium and all other vendors are trademark to their respective companies except Alphatech CSS.

Hardware maintenance.

Hardware and system failure occur, unfortunately. Productivity downtime depletes revenue and disrupts work. Quick Response time to restore computers and networks is very critical, and that is why AlphaTech CSS trains and equips her technical support experts to be ready to respond to your call for technical help anytime.

We are a technology consulting company equipped to sort out any hardware problems you may have as we are also available to take your inquiries and complaints at any time. We are only a call away.

Cyber Security.

Maximizing healthcare delivery through today's digital leverages comes with the need to protect your digital infrastructure, computer networks and information from Cyber attacks. Making your computerized network system disruption free is made possible by an adequate cyber security framework.

With the appropriate security solutions in place, there is data protection and safety. AlphaTech CSS integrates Cyber Security Solution into your computer infrastructure to monitor, validate and verify information entering and leaving your environment. This is related to emails as well as other cyber interface measures. We are passionate about your mission to provide the best healthcare possible for your clients hence our commitment to securing your cyber environment so that you can focus on your mission.

IT Security Advisory.

That there are lapses experienced in the IT security system of an organization is the indication that threats and attacks are underway. At AlphaTech CSS, we provide our clients with our IT security advisory services to defend your all-important IT system from potential security breaches keeping the integrity of the system safe and optimized.

Expenditure on replacing damaged expensive hardware, software and electronic data should be avoided. Data should be shielded from spying, theft and corruption. At AlphaTech CSS, our experience and expertise put us in position to understand the kind of damages and attacks that an IT system can suffer. AlphaTech CSS is furnished with the tools and knowledge needed to anticipate and prevent these attacks.